Unique Learning Spaces

Unique Learning Spaces Multi-sensory learning areas at WeeWorld have been created to invite the child to explore & discover. State of the art audio-visual equipment in our amphitheater provides excellent reinforcement for our integrated curriculum. We also understand the importance of introduction to reading. Each learning space is equipped with age appropriate books that children can enjoy!

Activity Areas

WeeWorld Play School understands the need for space in a preschool. The first image of Mindgrove brings to mind a vast space in our geographically challenged lives. Our 750 square feet free play area lets your child indulge in his/her desired activity. Rolling, running, hopping, riding

Development Aids

WeeWorld Play School provides a wide variety of teaching aids and resources for our young learners. Children can avail of lacing toys to encourage fine motor skills, sorting toys to introduce basic math skills, and Lego blocks and art & craft activities to develop creativity.oks that children can enjoy!

Waiting Area

Now moms in Ranchi, Colaba can indulge in a cup of coffee while you wait for your little preschoolers to wind up their sessions. Due to space restraints, very few pre-schools or daycares in South Mumbai can offer a designated cafeteria for parents. WeeWorld moms can partake of the plush space that your children enjoy!

Health & Safety

A safe, clean and healthy environment is our mission at WeeWorld. Only if children feel safe, they are happy. Trained, vigilant staff and CCTVs in every corner provide a secure environment for your loved ones.

Dedicated Staff

The best infrastructure and facilities can never substitute or replace human involvement. At WeeWorld , we pride ourselves on the staff, who is selected and groomed to nurture children. The entire team has an attitude of sensitivity, self-confidence, flexibility and child centeredness. At the root is an intrinsic love for children that sets us apart.