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Why Wee World

Learn A Futuristic Curriculum At Wee World Play School in Ranchi

Kindergarten starters when exposed to the perfect blend of the Montessori approach and the new age trends, get a strong start for a bright future. Based on the quintuple elements of literacy, arithmetic, practicality, cultural and sensorial elements of life, this approach brings out the best in every student in the various aspects of life.

In today’s age, preschool children need unconventional and futuristic methodology that integrates knowledge and talents. Wee World Play School is the best kindergarten in Ranchi, aiming to bring out the artistic and academically strong abilities of young minds.

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Preschool Programs

Strengthening the base!

From the time your little angels start holding things to when they begin narrating stories, our aim is to enrich each of their motor, communication, analytical, and creative skills with our daily skill-based classes and classrooms. At Foundree, your little one’s day would begin with an attendance, followed by circle time. Next in their timetable would be skill1 session followed by a break time, skill2, skill3 and then we bid a goodbye. We embrace mistakes and help them learn from it, because we believe mistakes are the biggest signs of learning. Helping them express themselves better, understanding mathematical concepts, exploring dramatics, art and learning human virtues like empathy and compassion is all a part of the experiential preschool journey designed for them.


Testimonial #1 Designation

We as parents value safe school systems that offer vital opportunities for our children to grow and learn.

Testimonial #2 Designation

"Stepping stones to success." Yes, Toddler's Nursery is a great stepping stone to begin a child's education.

Testimonial #3 Designation

Toddler's is a 'home away from home' for our little ones and the safest place for parents to initiate our young ones into schooling.

Testimonial #4 Designation

ove this school. Toddlers Nursery was the best decision i made for my child.


    So That Development Happens Through Progression

    A PROGRESSIVE CURRICULUM So That Development Happens Through Progression Mastery in anything is achieved through progression. We step into learning when we begin learning a skill and we progress and master as we practice the skill. Children learn in very much the same way. They sit, then crawl and ultimately walk.

    This idea of development through progression is apparent in every area of our curriculum. This ensures complete realization of any development while boosting their confidence bit by bit as they conquer progressive stages. As they achieve mastery in one stage, they move on to the next.